Lottery System

Our goal is to make it as fair as possible for as many people to attend. 

Prior to Covid, we sold out quickly and received feedback that it’s not fair for those who might be travelling or not able to get to a computer to register on the day registration opens. In 2019, we successfully facilitated a lottery, which resulted in a great mix of new and returning participants. This year, we will be facilitating a lottery and want you to be aware of the process.

Here is how it works:

Mar 6, 2023Registration for ACCCA 2023 Opens
•You will complete the google form to register
•No purchase necessary
•Once registered your name will be eligible for the lottery draw.
•Register once at any time until the lottery draw on March 15, 2023
•The random lottery draw will be for all the rooms available.
•You will be notified that you are selected
•Click on Wave link to purchase your ticket
•Ticket purchase to be completed by Mar 29th
Apr 5, 2023SECOND RANDOM DRAW (if needed)
• You will be notified that you are selected
• Click on Wave link to purchase your ticket
• Ticket purchase to be completed by Apr 19th
Apr 26, 2023FINAL RANDOM DRAW (if needed)
•You will be notified that you are selected
•Click on Wave link to purchase your ticket
•Ticket purchase to be completed by May 10th

Tickets not purchased by completion date will be added to the subsequent draw. 

You are to submit your name only once and anyone found entering multiple times will forfeit all of their opportunities to be selected for a ticket. This not the spirit of our community!  The earlier you submit your name, the better your chances are. There are a limited number of rooms available at Crieff Hills.  Thus, tickets may be sold out from the first draw and might not need to facilitate subsequent draws.

Please see the Agile Coach Camp Canada registration page and FAQ for additional information.

However, if your name isn’t selected by Apr 26th, all hope is not lost. We know things happen, and it’s possible that someone who completed their registration might have to cancel. After May 10th, we’ll keep a waitlist of names, and if someone cancels, we’ll process names on the waitlist in the order they were added in the first place.
There are a couple of exceptions to this process.  In the interest of full transparency, the following people will not be included in the lottery, and will be able to pay for their ticket without being a part of the lottery process:

  • The CAC3 Directors
  • The volunteer organizers
  • The event facilitators

Important things you should know

Tickets are not refundable. However, they are fully transferable. If you sign up and pay for a ticket and then aren’t able to go, you can give your ticket to someone else. Just make sure you let the organizers know so we can make updates with Crieff Hills accommodation and get any dietary restriction from the person who is coming.
If you can’t find anyone to give your ticket to, we might be able to help with someone on the waitlist. If we’re able to get your ticket to someone else, we do charge $50 to cover the processing fees.
To register for the lottery, click here.

If after reading the above, the registration process is unclear to you and you have question, please send us your question at