General Topics

Who is Agile Coach Camp Canada for?

Agile coach camp is for anybody with an interest in sharing, learning and experiencing the core skills, mindsets, principles, values and practices that enable agility. If you are open to contribution collaboration and bringing the best of yourself to our community, you are welcome.

2024 Event Questions

Where is camp in 2024?

We will be accommodated in Kingston, Ontario at Queens University. Details will be sent on sign-up.

What can I expect when I come to camp?

You will arrive on Friday afternoon and get a little bit of time to check in and settle into your accommodation. We will slowly gather together throughout the afternoon and enjoy a dinner together – mixing, mingling and letting people connect as they wish. After that, we will likely do some icebreakers, led by either our organizers or by the open space facilitators. We might play some games, some folks may enjoy adult beverages, and more of the same socializing and conversing, often to a late hour.

On Saturday we will wake up bright and early and have breakfast. We will begin the open space experience. The details of that we can leave to the facilitators to describe. After that we’ll go to dinner yet again and probably stay up late like the first night.

On Sunday we will wake up and do half a day of open space and closing. You will be asked to grab all your stuff and be ready to vacate your rooms before you come into the open space. At around noon we will head off to lunch.You will be asked to grab all your stuff and be ready to vacate your rooms before you come into the open space. After that, we will see folks leaving to head back home around 1.

Is parking free or do I have to pay for parking?

Parking is free over the weekend from 5:00 PM on Friday to 7:00 AM on Monday. 

If you arrive before 5:00 PM on Friday, June 21st and have a car, the fee is $2 per hour to a maximum of $10 per day, though the HONK app on weekdays.

Would I be able to use the gym and swimming facilities at Queen’s University?

Yes if you purchase a day pass.  You can purchase for the Athletic Centre: https://rec.gogaelsgo.com/sports/2023/7/14/become-a-member.aspx